To keep our service simple and affordable we ask that your understand our limitations.

  • We only serve small claims lawsuits.
  • We are not attorneys.
  • We do not provide any legal advice.
  • We serve at the exact time you specify within what the laws allow us to do.
  • We will not wait for the defendant to show up unless you have paid for wait time.
  • We don't do skip tracing or surveillance.
  • We charge per service attempt.
  • We can only serve defendants within gated communities if the property manager allows us entry.
  • We can only serve defendants at work if we are allowed to enter the building.
  • We will only serve a defendant at their place of work if a service attempt at their residence has failed.
  • We do not serve defendants in public places.
  • We do not serve defendants who are in jail.
  • Each process server acts as an independent contractor with you directly.
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